Three Tips To Keep Your Double Arm Mixer In Good Shape

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Three Tips To Keep Your Double Arm Mixer In Good Shape

18 November 2017
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Having a double arm mixer, such as a sigma blade mixer, is of great convenience for your construction company. You can use it to mix up lubricants, cement, paint, and other solutions, ensuring a more uniform mixture than if you were to mix by hand. These mixers are made to withstand the wear and tear of industrial and construction use, but they are not impervious to damage. Here are three main ways to keep your double arm mixer in working shape.

#1. Choose the right mixer for the job.

There are many different mixer models available. You may be tempted to save some cash by purchasing the cheapest one. However, the cheapest mixers are often the lowest powered ones. They might work well for a while, but if you happen to strain them with a thicker mixture or a bigger load to mix once or twice, they might fail. Be willing to pay a little more for a more powerful mixture. You'll actually save money in the long term since you won't have to spend as much on repair costs. And if you have a thicker mixture, you can mix it up without worry that your mixer will fail in the process.

#2. Keep up with the cleaning.

If you do not clean your mixer often, gunk may work its way into the blades and other components. Here, it dries and adds friction as the machine works. The more friction the mixer experiences, the harder it has to work, and the more likely the machine is to overheat or burn out prematurely. 

Make sure you clean your mixer after each and every use. Take apart the assembly over the mixing blades, and wipe them out. If the mixture you are creating does not come away with just water, use some dish washing soap or a solvent to help you clean.

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Most manufacturers of industrial mixers recommend having them tuned up once a year. This will ensure all screws are tightened and all joints are lubricated so the mixer does not experience any excess friction or extra vibrations as it operates. Any minor issues will be caught and fixed early on -- hopefully before  they cause your double armed mixer to fail.

Double armed mixers are an excellent tool for your business, but you must care for them properly to keep them working well.