3 Reasons To Choose Cold Rolled Steel Over Hot Rolled Steel

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3 Reasons To Choose Cold Rolled Steel Over Hot Rolled Steel

29 October 2014
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If your company uses steel to manufacture any types of products, you might wonder whether you should purchase cold rolled steel or hot rolled steel. Both are made from the same materials, but each type is manufactured in a different way. As you compare these two choices, you may find that cold rolled steel is right for you, and here are three of the main reasons why.

It Holds Its Shape Better

The main difference between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel is the way it is made. Hot rolled steel is processed and shaped at a very high temperature, whereas cold rolled steel is processed at room temperature (or somewhere close to that).

The main result of this manufacturing difference is the end size and shape of the steel. Because hot rolled steel is shaped when it is really hot, it tends to change in shape and size as it cools down. Products made from hot rolled steel tend to be uneven in shape and size, and this is not a good characteristic for certain things, including:

  • Car parts
  • Parts for all types of appliances
  • Electric motors
  • Plumbing and electrical fixtures
  • Furniture

If the parts you make need to be exactly the right size and shape, cold rolled steel is the type you should use. On the other hand, hot rolled steel is a better option for things such as I-beams, rail tracks, and any other items that can have slight variations in size.

It Has a Finished Look

When you make steel parts of any kind that people will see, looks are important and this is the second reason to choose cold rolled steel over hot rolled. Not only will the parts be shaped properly, but they will also look better.

Because of the manufacturing differences with cold rolled and hot rolled steel, you will find that cold rolled steel has:

  • A smoother finish than hot rolled steel, and it almost looks like it is polished, whereas hot rolled steel has a very rough finish
  • Smoother edges that are more precise and accurate in shape and dimension, whereas hot rolled steel often has uneven, jagged edges

When making items that people will see, choosing cold steel is better because the items will look better. While cold rolled steel products do not need to be finished, they can be painted if you want them to look even better.

It Is Stronger

Cold rolled steel is approximately 20% stronger than hot rolled steel, and this is the third key reason companies choose it. It is stronger because it is placed through more processes than hot rolled steel, and because it is formed into shape when it has already cooled down.

Hot rolled steel is more malleable. In other words, you can change its shape when using it to build things, but you cannot do this with cold rolled steel. When you purchase cold rolled steel, you will not be able to maneuver the way it looks because it is not malleable. As you think about the products your company makes, you should make sure you consider this important difference, as well as the other two differences.

If your business makes steel goods that need to be strong and uniform in shape, and that must look good, cold rolled steel is the best option. Cold rolled steel does cost more than hot rolled steel, but it offers key benefits that you will not get with hot rolled steel. You can purchase either type from a company that makes steel, and you can learn more by contacting companies near you for more information.