Three Ways A Rolling Utility Cart Can Become A Cook's Kitchen Helper

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Three Ways A Rolling Utility Cart Can Become A Cook's Kitchen Helper

22 September 2015
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If you are a homemaker who enjoys cooking and preparing family meals, you probably recognize the importance of staying organized in the kitchen. It's difficult to keep a neatly organized kitchen and pantry when your pots and pans, gadgets and canned goods are scattered throughout the dining and meal preparation area. Your simple solution is utilizing a versatile rolling cart with a modern design that coordinates with your kitchen decor. Learn how a rolling utility cart can become a kitchen island or storage area for all your cooking and baking needs. Here are three clever ideas to help you in the kitchen:

1. An Inexpensive Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands provide great accommodations for most homemakers and cooks. It is a place to prepare meals, store your cooking utensils and sit down for a snack or casual meal. However, if you've considered building a kitchen island for food preparation, you are probably aware of how expensive it can be, especially if you hire a contractor to do the job for you.

Rather than buy an expensive kitchen island or hire a contractor to construct a custom-made piece for your kitchen, there is a less expensive option that just might do the trick. Purchase an inexpensive rolling utility cart from your home goods store. You might want to choose a utility cart that is constructed of wood or wood veneer to complement your existing kitchen decor. Choose a design with underneath cabinets for an elegant look.

Some rolling carts have hardwood tops and lacquered bases, materials that are resistant to warping. Other kitchen utility carts feature a stainless steel top. The top may be used as a cutting board, and the underneath storage area or shelves may hold pots, pans and dishes. If your rolling utility cart has a breakfast bar leaf extension built-in, simply add two bar stools and you have a place to sit and eat. Now, there's your makeshift kitchen island, at a fraction of the cost.

2. Storage Shelves for Your Pantry

Here is another great kitchen helper idea for the serious cook. A rolling utility cart provides a perfect space saving design for storing all your canned goods. Set the utility cart in the walk-in pantry closet and keep your kitchen organized.

When used in a pantry closet, metal or steel is a good material to choose, as it is very durable. Be sure it has powder coating to resist corrosion. You may find these designs are common in white or black finish. Look for a cart with at least three or four shelves for storing cans and packaged goods of all sizes.

Shelves on a pantry utility cart are often adjustable. Some rolling utility carts made for the pantry use have deep bins for holding bulky packaged goods, such as bags of sugar and flour, or bowls of oranges and other fruit. When used for canned goods, check the weight capacity of the rolling utility cart.

3. A Microwave Storage Center

Last but not least, consider using your rolling utility cart for storing your major kitchen appliances such as a microwave. This is especially useful if you have limited counter space. It's a good idea to choose a utility cart with an underneath cabinet for storing your commonly used ingredients and microwave containers. Because it's on wheels, your rolling cart can be moved as needed, enabling you to serve your prepared meals straight from the microwave to the table.

As a final thought, you might want to have household tools on hand if purchasing a new utility cart. Most rolling utility carts will require some assembly. Although most models will require tools, you might find some that feature a no-tools assembly.