Three Tips for Getting the Most from Your Heating Oil

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Three Tips for Getting the Most from Your Heating Oil

7 September 2016
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During the winter, your furnace can be one of the most energy-intensive appliances in the home. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that are not knowledgeable when it comes to the steps that they can take to get the most from their heating oil. By using a few tips, you may be able to help lower your heating-oil costs this coming winter.

Automate the Thermostat

Upgrading to a digital programmable thermostat can be an excellent option for reducing your overall energy usage. It can be extremely easy to forget when to lower the heat when you leave the house. By using a programmable thermostat, you can automatically schedule for the temperature to adjust during times that you are usually not home. Reducing the amount of oil used to heat the home when you are not there can produce a noticeable impact on your monthly oil usage, which can make this investment more than worth the expense.

Keep the Furnace Serviced

Over the course of time, your furnace will suffer considerable wear and tear. Unfortunately, there are many people that will not have the unit serviced each year. By failing to have the unit serviced, you can allow wear and tear to reduce the overall efficiency of the system. When the unit is serviced, a technician can disassemble the various mechanical parts of the furnace to inspect them for wear and tear. Replacing these parts when they are damaged or worn can help your furnace function more efficiently, and this can reduce the amount of oil needed to heat the home. Ideally, you should have these service visits done during the fall to ensure your system is ready for the cold season.

Buy Oil During the Off-Season

For those with oil-burning furnaces, the price of heating oil is something that must be closely monitored. Unfortunately, many people may only start to pay attention to the price of this oil during the winter. However, the price of heating oil can vary greatly over the course of the year, and it will typically be at its highest levels during the winter. Conversely, the price is often lower during the summer months. By using a heating-oil service that allows you to prepay for fuel, you can buy during the summer months when the price will be the lowest. In many instances, the oil provider may charge a storage fee for your oil, and while this fee can vary from provider to provider, it is usually fairly negligible when compared to the total savings that you can enjoy by prepaying.