3 Ways Your Engine Oil Protects Your Vehicle

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3 Ways Your Engine Oil Protects Your Vehicle

2 October 2017
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As a vehicle owner, you know that you need to take your vehicle in and get its oil changed. Oil changes are part of the regular maintenance bill for cars. Many vehicle owners do not know how oil actually helps their vehicle. Here are a few ways that engine oil protects your vehicle.

#1 Oil Cleans Your Engine

When you put oil in your engine, it doesn't just help your engine work properly, it also helps clean your engine. As engine oil circulated throughout your engine, it clears away debris and deposits that build up in your engine over time. The debris and deposits are broken down by the oil, and the next time you change your oil, the debris and deposits that your oil broke down are removed from your vehicle. This process helps keep your engine safe and helps ensure that foreign particles don't jam up your engine.

#2 Oil Protects Your Engine From Heat

Your engine can get really hot when you are driving and operating your vehicle. Oil is designed to help protect your engine from the heat that it generates. Motor oil is designed to carry and distribute heat from areas where the heat gets extremely hot. It takes the heat and distributes it more evenly around your engine. This helps to protect your engine from damage due to excessive heat in particular areas of your engine. This unique property of oil helps keep your engine from overheating and helps keep high-heat areas on your engine from melting and breaking down faster than the rest of your engine.

#3 Oil Helps Reduce Friction In Your Engine

Oil acts as the ultimate lubricant for your engine. It coats all the elements inside of your engine with a protective film or layer. This protective film contains additives that help reduce friction between the various parts of your engine as they move and operate. By reducing the amount of friction generated by moving parts, oil helps protect the various components of your engine and helps extend the life of your engine. When your engine doesn't have the proper amounts of oil in it, excessive friction can wear down the internal parts of your engine and can cause your engine to sustain damage and break down at an accelerate rate.

Oil doesn't just keep your vehicle on the road, it protects your engine by breaking down and removing contaminants, distributing heat evenly across your engine and away from high-heat areas, and reducing friction as well as wear and tear on your engine. Visit a site like http://www.smallandsonsoil.com for more help.