Questions For Sewer Camera Repair Shops

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Questions For Sewer Camera Repair Shops

18 December 2017
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Whether you're a homeowner who likes to do your own home projects or a plumber who sees many sewers as part of your work, sewer cameras are important. The sewer camera you use can identify problems deep in sewer main pipes which aren't visible otherwise. Without such a camera, finding the source of clogs and other pipe problems is much harder. When the camera doesn't work, for whatever reason, the repair must be quick and affordable. These camera questions should be asked before dropping your equipment off at a repair shop.

Where Do Your Parts Come From?

Knowing about the quality and location of the camera parts needed to do repairs is essential. If the glass in the camera should crack, for instance, you want to ensure that it's replaced with glass that won't cloud up and will work well in harsh sewer conditions. Ensure that any replacement parts are equal to or better than the camera had before you brought it in for fixing.

You must also have some idea of where the camera parts are coming from. Does the shop keep certain parts in their own facility so that a technician can reach them right away and repair your camera? Do they need to place camera components on special order and have them delivered, which could mean more time for you to wait? Do you have to pay for those shipping costs? Ask before agreeing to leave your camera with any shop.

What are Your Hours?

Sewer cameras are sometimes expensive, so you might only have the one at your disposal. If it breaks on an evening job or on the weekend, you may not have the luxury of waiting until a shop opens up and you can bring it in. Seek sewer camera repair shops that offer after-hours or emergency appointments.

Can You Make My Camera More Effective?

Once your immediate problem is solved, repair shops may be able to give your camera improvements so that it's better able to do its work. For instance, if you know that your coaxial cable is a bit weak or thin, they may be able to replace it with a stronger cable. Ask about any improvements or upgrades that they can provide so that you have a better, more effective camera in the field.

With these questions, your sewer camera can be back on the job soon. Finding out everything you can about the repair process will allow you to select a suitable repair partner.