The Advantages Of Using A Plastic Grease Trap

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The Advantages Of Using A Plastic Grease Trap

12 February 2018
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Collecting grease so that it does not end up in the trash or in the plumbing pipes at your place of business is just one of those everyday things that have to be done as a responsible business owner. Therefore, pretty much everyone in the food business knows something about grease traps. These traps can be made out of everything from stainless steel and copper to plastic, and while plastic may seem like the most unlikely pick, it is actually one of the best options. Here is a look at some of the reasons why a good quality plastic grease trap can be advantageous for your business. 

Plastic grease traps are more cost efficient. 

The plastic grease traps you can find are usually made from PVC or TPA plastic, which is not an expensive material compared to something like stainless steel or copper. Therefore, you can find a good plastic grease trap for a fraction of what you would have to pay if you bought some other varieties. This means that over time, you will not be spending a fortune on grease traps every time they have to be replaced because the old one has served its purpose. 

Plastic grease traps stand up well to chemicals. 

There are a lot of chemicals that get washed down the drain in the average restaurant, and even corrosive materials like salt and acids are normal. Metal may seem more durable where grease traps are concerned, but metal is also highly corrosive when plastic is not. Plastic grease trap materials will not break down because they have been exposed to large amounts of salt, harsh cleaning agents, or acidic liquids, so the plastic grease trap tends to give you a longer-lasting service than a metal one. 

Plastic grease traps ward off the growth of fungus and bacteria. 

The plastic that is used to develop grease traps, whether it is a strong PVC or polyethylene material, has one major advantage: It is a non-porous material that will not support the growth of fungus or bacteria. If you don't get to cleaning the grease trap often, the last thing you want is for it to develop mold and bacteria that can be a threat to the health of your business. Some metals don't support the growth of fungus and bacteria when in their new state, but as corrosion occurs, the same qualities may not be present. 

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