Covering Angry Graffiti: Your Options

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Covering Angry Graffiti: Your Options

4 March 2018
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Not everyone can be mature about a breakup. That is why we have cars that have been keyed, spray-painted with nasty graffiti, and dented from striking instruments and feet. If your car met with some of the above because your former partner did not take the breakup well, you have options (besides taking him or her to court).

Paint Sprayer Services

Nothing covers ugly, unpleasant graffiti faster than fresh paint. Professionals can use expert equipment to spray a single color over the top of the graffiti, covering it from view. If your car is black, all the better since black paint will cover anything your ex threw at it. If your car is a lighter color, such as yellow or white, it may take a couple of extra passes with the spray paint gun, but it will still look like new when the pros are finished.

Buffing and More Spray Paint

When your ex keyed your car, the problem is not in the keying itself, but in the depth to which it was keyed. If it was not scratched too deeply, a light buffing followed by more expert spray paint services will undo what he/she did. If some of the scratches are really deep, you may need to remove the remaining paint entirely, buff out the sides until they are smooth again, and then repaint. 


Dents are a little messier. They have to be pulled back out; then the holes have to be filled, and then more buffing and painting. By now, you probably notice a pattern here; you cannot get away from professional spray painting when you are trying to undo the surface damage to your vehicle. At least you can leave the pros to handle this job while you attempt to handle your ex.

Take Your Car to a Commercial Paint Sprayer

When your entire car is covered with keyed marks and graffiti, take it to a commercial paint sprayer. The operator of this setup tapes off and covers all windows, chrome, mirrors, and tires and puts the vehicle in the spray room. He or she steps out of the room, shuts the door and flips a switch. In under fifteen minutes, the paint job on your car is restored. No trace of what your ex did remains unless he/she got his/her spray can paint on the chrome or mirrors (and that can be easily replaced or gently removed after the paint job is complete).

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