A Helpful Guide When Selecting Hot Tar Hoses

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A Helpful Guide When Selecting Hot Tar Hoses

17 April 2018
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If you need to transfer hot substances -- such as tar -- safely, you should invest in hot tar hoses. They are uniquely designed to resist damage from extreme temperatures, and there are many great options today. To select one that's appropriate for your company's operations, keep this useful guide in mind. 

Outer Coatings 

Hot tar hoses are put through a lot of abuse on a daily basis. Not only do they transport liquids and substances that are extremely hot, but they're exposed to rugged environments. They may get scrapped and stepped on periodically throughout the day.

As such, you need to look for hot tar hoses that have a durable outer coating. Ideally, the coating needs to be puncture-resistant and have exceptional flexibility. So no matter what happens to these hoses during the work day, they won't get structurally compromised and leave you susceptible to injury. 


If you need to transport tar great distances from one location to another, you'll need to secure hot tar hoses together. You can only do this effectively when you make sure the couplings -- attachments -- are of the highest quality. 

No matter what type of couplings you opt to set up on your hoses, they need to be made out of industrial steel. This material won't easily damage, nor will it start to rust if it's exposed to extreme weather elements on a regular basis. Carbonized steel, in particular, is one of the strongest materials you can select for hose couplings today.

Hose Material 

How long-lasting and effective your hot tar hoses are generally depend on what they're made out of. Not all materials are equal, in fact. You should never choose a hot tar hose that is compromised of just one material. Over time, chances are the material will not hold up and a rupture will happen at some point.

Instead, you need to look for hot tar hoses composed out of multiple materials. The hose should have a layered design as well, featuring nitrile and silicon. Both of these materials are more than capable of holding up to extreme temperatures and delivering safe operation. 

For your hot tar operations to remain safe and effective, you need to take ample time looking over your hot tar hose options. You can make the right selection quickly by assessing various specs that will impact your company's tar operations the most. Contact a company like Copperstate Hose for more information and assistance.