What Should You Be Looking For In An Inspection Penlight?

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What Should You Be Looking For In An Inspection Penlight?

10 June 2018
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When you have a small area where you need precision lighting, whether it is for maintenance purposes or something else, an inspection penlight that offers a focused beam of LED light is an awesome tool to have. These penlights are sleek and small, so they are easy to slip in a pocket or toolbox, but they provide a powerful light beam to completely illuminate a small area and give the user an up-close look at what they are working on. There are a multitude of different inspection penlights out there, so how do you pick the best? Check out this short list of features you should be looking for in an LED inspection penlight. 

Flexible Charging Options

Some penlights only have battery power, but it is best if you get a penlight that is rechargeable because you will probably be using this light a great deal. If you do find a rechargeable inspection penlight, make sure you go for those that have flexible charging options. The penlight should have a port so it can be charged by USB connection just like a cell phone. It should also have a regular electrical charging port so you can simply plug it into the wall when needed. 

Weather-Resistant Casing 

Your penlight will probably go with you all through the day and to multiple projects no matter what business you happen to be in that requires you to have a convenient light. The last thing you want to do is be concerned about your penlight getting wet because of the rain or environment you are using it in. Look for an inspection penlight that offers weather-resistance so that you can safely tuck it in your pocket or pull it out and use it no matter what kind of environment you are contending with at the moment. 

Comfortable Grips On Case

Because the penlight is a small tool, it can be a little harder to hang onto than a regular flashlight. Just like a good ink pen should have nice grips so you can hold and grip it comfortably in your hand without dropping it, so should your inspection penlight. Most of these lights have a stainless steel casing for durability, but the light should also be outfitted with good rubber grips so you can hang onto it. Additionally, the best penlights will have a small metal clip on the casing, so it is easy to clip the pen to your pocket or tool belt when it is not in use.