Securing The Plumbing In Your Basement Or Crawlspace

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Securing The Plumbing In Your Basement Or Crawlspace

9 October 2019
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Every home has pipes and plumbing that run under it. Sometimes they are very visible in a basement, and other times they are not nearly as noticeable because they're in a crawlspace under the home. Securing the plumbing so it does not move is important so there is no movement in the pipes that could damage the pipe or loosen a fitting.

Banging Noises and Indications of Movement

The plumbing under your home is not just static pipes that never move or flex. When the water is turned on in a faucet or a toilet is flushed, the water moving inside the pipes can cause the pipe to want to move. While some amount of movement is unavoidable, it is important that the pipes are secure enough to combat major flexing. 

Too much movement of the pipes could damage the pipe, loosen a joint, cause it to leak, or allow the pipe to damage some other component that it attaches to. If you hear banging noises or rattling when you turn on the water or flush the toilet, you need to have someone check the plumbing for pipes that are loose and moving under your home. 

Securing the Plumbing

If, after checking the plumbing, you find pipes that are moving under the home, you can use several methods to secure them. Many plumbing supply stores sell plastic pipe hangers that you can nail to the floor joist to support the pipe. The hangers are J-shaped and the pipe sits in the hook, while the straight section attaches to the house structure. The hanger will allow a small amount of movement but not so much that the pipe can incur damage as a result. 

If you have copper pipes under your home, there are hangers that are similar to the J-hooks but are made from copper and intended for use with copper pipe. Likewise, if you still have iron pipe under the home, there are special hangers for that material. Talk with the plumbing supply company about what will work best for your situation and plumbing type when you are ready to buy hangers.

Hiring a Plumber

If you are not comfortable working with the hangers and pipes under your home, call a local plumber and have them come out to look at what needs to be done. They can quickly assess the situation, install the correct hangers for you, and resolve the movement in the plumbing system.