Tips When Using Plugs To Seal Off Condenser Tubes

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Tips When Using Plugs To Seal Off Condenser Tubes

8 December 2020
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Sometimes, condenser tubes need to be sealed off so that dirt and debris don't get in them. You may be cleaning this equipment or transporting it, and the best way to achieve a tight seal is to apply a tube plug inside it. You'll have an easy time doing so if you follow this protocol.

Account For Vacuum Unit

If your condenser tube utilizes a vacuum, then it's important that you account for it. Otherwise, what can happen is the plug you use gets sucked into the tubing and then you'll have a hard time getting it out later on.

The best way to stop this from happening is to get a condenser tube plug with a specialized washer on the end. It will be large enough to catch on the end of the tube, preventing the vacuum from sucking it up into the tubing.

Decide Between Permanent or Temporary Sealing

Plugs for condenser tubes can vary in design and the right option for your sealing needs depends on the length of time that these plugs will remain in the tubing. You can either go with permanent or temporary sealing.

With temporary sealing, you would just want a plug that can be forced into the tubing using a mallet. It will create a tight seal, but you'll still be able to remove it whenever the time comes.

Whereas if you're opting for a parament seal, you need a condenser tube plug that supports welding. Then, no matter what happens, it will remain inside the tubing. 

Consider Machining Customization

If you have a unique set of condenser tubes that require sealing, then standard plugs on the market may not do the trick. Instead, you might need to work with a tubing plug manufacturer that can custom machine some plugs for you.

Then, your plugs have a better shot at working out based on the unique requirements of your tubing. If you're using these machining services, make sure you work with the machinist carefully by giving them your plans and being vocal about exactly what you want. You might have a prototype made first, too, to ensure the sealing is just right. 

Plugs are integral components for sealing off condenser tubes, and if you're buying some for these sealing purposes, you want to be specific in what you get. That's the best way to ensure these plugs work how they're supposed to. 

Reach out to a local condenser tube plug supplier to learn more.