Maintenance Advice For Teardrop Pallet Racks

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Maintenance Advice For Teardrop Pallet Racks

8 July 2021
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In environments involving the storage of materials, teardrop pallet racks are often used to create an organized space. If you have one and are hoping to get many years of optimal use out of it, take this approach with its maintenance. 

Clean Them Consistently

Pallet racks will get dirty, much like the rest of the objects and machines in a warehouse. If you clean with some consistency, then things like dirt and residues aren't going to affect the lifespan of your teardrop pallet rack system as much.

There are special brushes your company can use to conveniently clean teardrop pallet racks without having to exert a lot of energy. There are also strong cleaning solutions for residues that you aren't able to remove with a standard cleaning brush. As long as you use the right tools and keep this cleaning going each month, your teardrop pallet racks should remain in great shape. 

Avoid Hitting the Racks

You want to avoid hitting teardrop pallet racks as much as you can because the constant force and vibration would wear this racking system down pretty fast. The one thing you really have to watch out for is running into these racks with machinery. 

Create some plans that prevent these incidents from ever happening. Proper training on forklifts can do a lot of good for preventing operators from slamming into these racks with a lot of force. You also need to stress the importance of machine operators really scanning the environment before moving equipment. 

Don't Overestimate the Racking System's Abilities

Teardrop pallet racks are capable of supporting a lot, especially if you get a quality racking system from an experienced manufacturer. Still, even teardrop pallet racks made out of durable metal have limits in the weight they can support. You don't want to ignore this and even overestimate what the racking system can do.

That will only lead to damage because you may try putting too many materials on these racks at one time. You need to find out what your teardrop pallet racks can support and then make sure everyone involved in them knows their limits. Then you won't be dealing with structural repairs often. 

Having a teardrop pallet rack system in your workspace will make storing materials a lot more of a structured process. If you can keep a good maintenance program going for your teardrop pallet rack system, it's going to make more of a difference in how your company stores products and materials.