Things You Need To Consider When Purchasing A New Air Compressor For Your Shop

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Things You Need To Consider When Purchasing A New Air Compressor For Your Shop

27 June 2022
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When you are looking for an air compressor for your shop, many options are available. Air compressor dealers offer portable, free-standing, and large permanent mount air compressors that can handle your needs and perform flawlessly for years with proper maintenance.

Choosing a Compressor

When considering an air compressor for your shop, you need to decide how much airflow you need. A compressor used for running air tools may need more cubic feet of air per minute (or CFM) than one used for painting or running a small airbrush and small tools.

Air compressor dealers carry many different models you can choose from to meet your requirements, and if you are unsure what you need, they can help you determine which model will work best for you. In some cases, the compressor size is critical, while other times, there may be some flexibility in your needs, so discuss all the options with the dealer before you choose a model for your shop.

Portable or Permanent Compressors

There are air compressors that mount permanently in your shop and models that can be moved around and taken out of the shop to use in other locations. If you choose a portable air compressor, you get some flexibility, but the compressor will have a smaller storage tank and often produce less pressure.

Air compressor dealers may carry models that offer more capacity and pressure than the standard portable unit, but they may need to be permanently mounted in your shop. While you gain more air compacity in the storage tank and the working pressures may be higher, you are limited to have far away from the compressor you can effectively use tools. 

While you can use long hoses to get further from the compressor, you have to deal with the hoses running around the shop. Pluming the air into a hard-line system with connectors located in key locations will allow you to use short hoses close to the areas you are working in. 

Air Compressor Maintenance

Keeping your air compressor working for years involves some maintenance, but nothing you can't do at home. Changing the compressor belt when it's worn or changing the oil is often all that is required. 

Air compressor dealers often stock parts and accessories that will fit your compressor models and can help you choose the right oil to reduce the wear or provide the right belts and other parts when needed. The dealer can often help you determine when to change the oil in your compressor to optimize the protection of the internal moving parts to reduce the chances of damage to anything inside the compressor while you are using it.

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