Upgrading The Circuit Breaker Box In Your Facility

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Upgrading The Circuit Breaker Box In Your Facility

12 September 2022
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The circuit breaker is a critical component of your electrical system due to its ability to assist you with regulating the flow of power throughout the facility. Unfortunately, this is a component that may eventually need to be replaced, and this can be an involved process that will require complex work to be completed. 

Why Would A Circuit Breaker Need To Be Replaced?

While the circuit breaker is not a component that will generally need much work done to it, there can be times when it may be necessary to replace the circuit breaker. An example of this could be after significant damage has been done to the breaker box. This can occur as a result of extensive corrosion, impact damage, or any other issues that could affect the structural integrity of the breaker box.

How Long Will It Take To Install The New Circuit Breaker?

The installation process for the circuit breakers will be a fairly complex process as the previous breakers will need to be removed, which can involve disconnecting a large number of wires and other connections from the unit. Additionally, the new breaker will have to be properly secured in place and these connections will have to be re-established. Throughout this entire process, the power will have to be turned off, which can be fairly disruptive for the facility. However, an experienced electrician may be able to minimize this downtime so that it will only last a few hours.  

What Should Be Done To Dispose Of The Previous Circuit Breaker?

After the new circuit breaker has been installed in the building, the previous one will have to be disposed of. This can be more involved than a person may expect. For commercial and industrial facilities, the old circuit breaker can be a fairly large piece of equipment. Furthermore, it may not be able to be accepted by most standard trash removal services. Luckily, many scrap metal recycling services will accept old breaker boxes due to the large amount of copper and other valuable types of metal that could be in them. This can make disposal of large items a much easier and more convenient task as well as potentially allowing your business to receive some compensation for this item. As a result, this should be an option that you consider when your business needs to dispose of its previous breaker box following a total replacement.

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