How To Offer Laundry Services To Your Apartment Tenants

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How To Offer Laundry Services To Your Apartment Tenants

31 March 2023
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If you own an apartment, installing coin-operated machines makes sense. It's inconvenient for your tenants to do laundry at a different laundromat. By installing a coin-operated laundromat, your apartment will also have a new way to generate revenue.

The Advantages of Coin-Operated Laundry Machines

At a coin-operated laundromat, your business will generate revenue by charging customers to use the machines, and you will simply need to supply the electricity. You can also sell laundry detergent and snacks through vending machines. 

How to Decide How Many You Need

Ideally, you'll want a couple of washers and dryers. The correct number is based on how many tenants you typically have. Still, multiple washing machines allow you to offer laundry services at all times so multiple tenants can wash their clothes at the same time.

Where to Place the Washing Machines

Some apartments have chosen to include washing machines inside the units. While this is convenient for tenants, an on-premise laundry room usually makes more sense. The in-unit washing machines take up valuable space and increase upkeep. With an on-premise laundry room, the maintenance crew can quickly repair a defective washing machine without worrying about entering a unit and disturbing a guest.

There are several possible arrangements when including coin-operated laundry rooms in your apartment building. One is to have a single building that includes a laundry room. This building can also include other types of services, such as storage. However, you'll need to give each tenant access to that building or leave the building unlocked.

The Most Convenient Option Is For Each Building to Have a Laundry Room

Another option is to have a laundry room in each building. Then, each of the tenants in the building can have easy access to laundry services whenever needed. 

A laundry room on each floor might be more convenient if you have a large building. Tenants will not have to travel as far to do their laundry by climbing stairs. Having multiple laundry rooms will require more washing machines, but doing so is worth the investment.

How to Repair Coin-Operated Machines

If you are working with a coin-operated washing machine service, owning and running many coin-operated washing machines is more manageable. Rather than repairing defective washing machines yourself, a repair technician will arrive and perform regular maintenance.

When a coin-operated machine is down unexpectedly, a technician will come as soon as possible to repair the washing machine so your tenants don't have to wait. If you're interested in coin laundry solutions, contact a machine supplier near you.