the basics of welding

If you have metal working projects that need to be completed, now is the time to consider investing in the supplies that are needed to weld. Learn here.

About Septic System Installations

29 October 2018
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If you plan on having a septic system installed, then you are going to need to take care of a few preparations and other tasks to make sure that a septic system is going to be able to be put in without issues coming up that can cause you to experience delays and other problems along the way. The information offered below will provide you with information on the things you want to take care of in the planning stages of getting a septic system put in on your property. Read More …

Your Business Can Save Big With Pre-Owned Packaging Equipment

31 July 2018
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If you have a company that needs packaging equipment, you know it can be very expensive to buy it new. But should you be buying it used? Well, it's definitely a good way to save. You just need to know a few specifics so you can get the right thing and make sure it works for you. For example, what you buy will depend on what you need it for and what the equipment you're thinking about purchasing has been used for in the past. Read More …

What Should You Be Looking For In An Inspection Penlight?

10 June 2018
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When you have a small area where you need precision lighting, whether it is for maintenance purposes or something else, an inspection penlight that offers a focused beam of LED light is an awesome tool to have. These penlights are sleek and small, so they are easy to slip in a pocket or toolbox, but they provide a powerful light beam to completely illuminate a small area and give the user an up-close look at what they are working on. Read More …

How You Can Ensure Your Construction Materials Arrive In A Timely Manner

10 May 2018
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Whether you are in the business of building homes, commercial or industrial spaces, constructing outdoor playgrounds, or fixing roads, you need to have your materials arrive on time and in good condition. How can you ensure that your construction materials arrive in a timely manner and will go where you want them to? It's all in the planning. Procurement of Materials The first step in getting your materials for whatever job you are doing is to procure the materials from the appropriate suppliers. Read More …

A Helpful Guide When Selecting Hot Tar Hoses

17 April 2018
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If you need to transfer hot substances -- such as tar -- safely, you should invest in hot tar hoses. They are uniquely designed to resist damage from extreme temperatures, and there are many great options today. To select one that's appropriate for your company's operations, keep this useful guide in mind.  Outer Coatings  Hot tar hoses are put through a lot of abuse on a daily basis. Not only do they transport liquids and substances that are extremely hot, but they're exposed to rugged environments. Read More …