the basics of welding

If you have metal working projects that need to be completed, now is the time to consider investing in the supplies that are needed to weld. Learn here.

3 Reasons To Put More Focus On Packaging The Homemade Food Products You Sell

13 March 2017
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If you make homemade food products and sell them, you might currently just package them as if you were packaging them for at-home use, especially if you run a small business, such as just selling your items at local farmers' markets or on your website. For example, many people package their homemade products in simple plastic bags and containers or Mason jars without really thinking about it. However, if you are serious about your business, you may want to start paying more attention to food packaging, and you may want to work with a professional firm to ensure that you are using the right packaging. Read More …

Three Tips for Getting the Most from Your Heating Oil

7 September 2016
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During the winter, your furnace can be one of the most energy-intensive appliances in the home. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that are not knowledgeable when it comes to the steps that they can take to get the most from their heating oil. By using a few tips, you may be able to help lower your heating-oil costs this coming winter. Automate the Thermostat Upgrading to a digital programmable thermostat can be an excellent option for reducing your overall energy usage. Read More …

Two Types Of Scaffolding To Consider

31 March 2016
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If you need to complete some maintenance on the outside of your building, then it is wise to rent a scaffolding system if you need to access large areas of the exterior that are also elevated. Scaffolding systems come in many varieties, and you should do your best to pick the best option for your needs. Keep reading to learn about two types of scaffolding you can consider. Aluminum  Aluminum scaffolding is by far the most lightweight of all the scaffolding varieties and it is made to be as mobile as possible. Read More …

Portable Cement Mixers: Five Safety Mistakes People Make When Laying A New Path Or Driveway At Home

12 January 2016
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You can save a significant sum of money if you decide to lay a new path or driveway yourself using a concrete mixer for rent. Nonetheless, DIY renovators still need to hire heavy equipment for certain jobs, and a portable cement mixer can save a lot of time and effort when it comes to a job like this. Even though a portable cement mixer may seem small compared to other machinery, this equipment can still cause serious injury. Read More …

How To Replace A Sight Glass On A Boiler

10 December 2015
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If the sight glass, also called a boiler glass or gauge glass, on your temporary boiler becomes clouded due to etching or deposits, then you will need to replace the unit. Replacement is an easy process and only requires a few simple tools and protective gear. Below is what you will need and how to perform the replacement: Tools and materials required Replacement sight glass - You will need to purchase a new glass tube that matches the length and diameter of your boiler's mount, and the glass should also match or exceed the strength rating for your particular boiler. Read More …