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Tips For Choosing Floor Scrubbers For Your Industrial Facility

26 March 2018
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When you're new to working as a facilities manager or a property maintenance technician in a factory or industrial environment, cleaning is one of the most important things you need to consider. After all, excess dirt, debris, and dust on the floors can lead to illnesses, injuries, and other problems. One of the best ways to keep your floors clean on a consistent basis is to invest in an industrial floor scrubber. Read More …

Covering Angry Graffiti: Your Options

4 March 2018
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Not everyone can be mature about a breakup. That is why we have cars that have been keyed, spray-painted with nasty graffiti, and dented from striking instruments and feet. If your car met with some of the above because your former partner did not take the breakup well, you have options (besides taking him or her to court). Paint Sprayer Services Nothing covers ugly, unpleasant graffiti faster than fresh paint. Professionals can use expert equipment to spray a single color over the top of the graffiti, covering it from view. Read More …

The Advantages Of Using A Plastic Grease Trap

12 February 2018
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Collecting grease so that it does not end up in the trash or in the plumbing pipes at your place of business is just one of those everyday things that have to be done as a responsible business owner. Therefore, pretty much everyone in the food business knows something about grease traps. These traps can be made out of everything from stainless steel and copper to plastic, and while plastic may seem like the most unlikely pick, it is actually one of the best options. Read More …

Three Kinds Of Lip Seals And What They Do

19 January 2018
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Lip seals; it sounds like such a funny thing to say, as if you needed glue to seal your lips. However, that is not what lip seals are. They are actually a special type of seal that covers openings in industrial equipment. They are named lip seals because the seals have "lips," or elevated edges around the seal. The "lips" form a tighter seal to the openings to which they are attached. Read More …

Questions For Sewer Camera Repair Shops

18 December 2017
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Whether you're a homeowner who likes to do your own home projects or a plumber who sees many sewers as part of your work, sewer cameras are important. The sewer camera you use can identify problems deep in sewer main pipes which aren't visible otherwise. Without such a camera, finding the source of clogs and other pipe problems is much harder. When the camera doesn't work, for whatever reason, the repair must be quick and affordable. Read More …