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3 Ways Your Engine Oil Protects Your Vehicle

2 October 2017
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As a vehicle owner, you know that you need to take your vehicle in and get its oil changed. Oil changes are part of the regular maintenance bill for cars. Many vehicle owners do not know how oil actually helps their vehicle. Here are a few ways that engine oil protects your vehicle. #1 Oil Cleans Your Engine When you put oil in your engine, it doesn't just help your engine work properly, it also helps clean your engine. Read More …

Is A Fiberglass Scaffold Right For Your Business?

29 May 2017
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Aluminum scaffolds used to be the standard, but fiberglass scaffolds are becoming an increasingly popular choice. There are several benefits to switching to fiberglass, including the material's chemical-resistance. If you are considering the use of fiberglass scaffolding on your next project, here is what you need to know.   Why Should You Use Fiberglass Scaffolds?  Fiberglass scaffolding has several benefits, including the orange colored components. The color orange is an internationally recognized safety symbol for equipment that has been motorized. Read More …

When You Run A Restaurant: Keep Your Air Conditioning System Running Smoothly

17 April 2017
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When you have a business to run, having a commercial air conditioning system is useful when the weather gets warm. If you run a restaurant, a commercial air conditioning system with an efficient air chiller is a necessity. If your restaurant is not cool enough to be comfortable for patrons, your restaurant is going to go out of business quickly. When the comfort of your customers is crucial the amount of time and money they are going to spend in your establishment, you have to make sure that comfort is your top priority. Read More …

Soil Compaction Guide for Hobby Farmers

31 March 2017
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Preparing a new tract of land for planting is one of the challenges of the small grower, especially if the hobby farm you purchased hasn't been used for crops in many years. Vehicles, livestock, or just the natural qualities of the soil can compromise crop growth if you don't anticipate and remedy soil issues. The following can help you overcome compaction issues before you plant. Compaction concerns Compacted soil has many causes, but the result is always the same—hard soil that prevents plants from sending out deep roots. Read More …

3 Reasons To Put More Focus On Packaging The Homemade Food Products You Sell

13 March 2017
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If you make homemade food products and sell them, you might currently just package them as if you were packaging them for at-home use, especially if you run a small business, such as just selling your items at local farmers' markets or on your website. For example, many people package their homemade products in simple plastic bags and containers or Mason jars without really thinking about it. However, if you are serious about your business, you may want to start paying more attention to food packaging, and you may want to work with a professional firm to ensure that you are using the right packaging. Read More …